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Julie Ann Shaw


811 Gresham Rd., Douglasville, GA  30134

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 To teach was something I knew I wanted to do from the time I was in elementary school.  The only thing that changed through the years was the grade level I would teach: as I passed through each new level in my own education, I felt that was where I wanted to be, finally ending up teaching high school and adult levels.


The challenges were enormous and the learning which continued in my own life through the years has been something to be cherished and honored for the rest of my lifetime.  Being a teacher, one recognizes the value of life-long learning, of exploring, of awakening to new things and ideas.


Throughout my own educational process, I was very academically inclined, ignoring the unrecognized artist within.  However, as the years passed, and I found myself never content to repeat the same lesson twice in the same way, I began to realize that there was a creative energy within me which would not be ignored.  If I declined to recognize it blatantly, it would show itself in more subtle ways, until finally it grew too large and too pervasive to remain unseen.


It is that energy which now directs me in my experience as a life-long learner.  It is that which takes me each day to a new place in my understanding of the Universe and my place in it.  No longer satisfied to overlook it, I must pursue it actively.  Everything I do now, including teaching, is redefined by that energy of creativity.



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