To All Who Appreciate Feng Shui
from Ilana Mor

It’s been a long and interesting journey that brought me to Feng Shui and it was through inspirational artwork that I discovered that I am a conduit. Through my artwork, inspired thoughts are captured on canvas and paper. These inspirational and thought provoking messages help to empower others and make people believe that they can achieve their dreams.

Feng Shui is a “joy of life” business and deals with processes intended to unleash the natural life force – the chi. It is a way to find peace through changes in the environment, and there is a constant search for objects that will create harmonic balance.

Now you will be able to “charge the area” with inspired works of art. Now you will be able to bring these unique paintings into places where mental, physical, and spiritual health are desired.

  • These paintings belong with people who understand their force.

  • These paintings trigger “inner voices” which direct us where to place them.

  • These paintings connect to the “I am” that is within us all.

These inspirational works of art

raise the consciousness of the onlooker. They contain inspired introspective messages and are excellent for meditative spots.

Mystery of the Universe
The creator appears to man cloaked in mystery like the Burning Bush.
Notice the Essence that appeared in the Third Eye.
Impact Color: Purple around the eyes, which are the focal point.
Placement: Area Needing Empowerment

increase the positive flow of energy through the incorporation of the elements of earth, fire, water, and sky in their compositions.

Triumph is a painting which illustrates how the central figure triumphs over the flames of adversity under the guidance of the spiritual guide.
Notice how the hand and arm become prints on the road to enlightenment.
Impact Color: White in the enlightened circle of the mandala.
Placement: Area designated for Creativity.

do not cause blockages in the natural chi flow. The unique process of continuing the composition onto the frame allows the enormous energy of the painting to flow and not get trapped within a traditional frame.

Many Paths
Many Paths illustrates that there are various ways toward enlightenment. The Zodiac signs are displayed in a massive energy field, while spiritual eyes gaze upon the onlooker. The Essence circling the candle purifies and blesses the area.
Impact Color: Blue, which appears in the massive energy field.
Placement: Area designated for Knowledge.

create positive energy flow through the

vibrant use of color.

Essence of the Flower
All life forms have a special essence. This special painting illustrates the special essence of the rose and was created as a compliment to the poem “In a Perfect World”, which I wrote in 1997.
Impact Color: Red, like the petals of the flower.
Placement: Area designated for future…eventual death…rebirth

act as a spiritual barometer. These works of art evoke deep responses. Some people will be curious; some will share their spiritual journeys with you. Some will be uplifted, and some will be frightened. Rarely, however, will people pass by these paintings without a strong response.

Wisdom Comes In All Forms
Wisdom Comes In All Forms is a composition which illustrates the strength and beauty of the Ocelot as it performs its special task as a Spirit Guide. This painting has revoked a strong response in its travels all over Georgia. It is interesting to note that an understanding of the painting is normally equivalent with the spiritual level of the onlooker. Some people understood that the ocelot is a Spirit Guide…and some people just reacted to a sweet pussy cat on canvas.
Special Message:A guided Vision quest uncovered one of my Spirit Guides, the Ocelot. The Ocelot has the strength of a wild cat but prefers the privacy of the forest. It displays aggression only if prodded, and prefers to live in harmony with nature. Much of the nature of the ocelot corresponds to my own nature….an amazing answer to the question posed at the beginning of the vision quest.
Impact Color: Green in the eyes, which are the focal point of the composition.
Placement: An area that defines you…an area where you belong.

help to achieve a Yin Yang Harmonic Balance. Three dimensional stories are created on two dimensional surfaces through the balance and contrast of light and dark.

Choices is a painting which illustrates the many directions a soul may freely choose while on the road to enlightenment. The soul that is peacefully ascending has understood the independent but related opposing forces that create Harmonic Balance.
Impact Color: Black, as illustrated in the figure that is touching the woman.
Placement: Area designated for Life’s Journey.

are original works of art that impact and empower their surroundings. Paintings are natural objects that are a combination of cloth, pigment, and wood, and are imprinted with the passion of the artist.

Wonder of Eilat
The Wonder of Eilat began with the intention of capturing a special place in time with a wonderful friend. Special attention was given to creating the desert rocks, mountains, and gulf.
Special Message: The gray of the mountains and dark skies (not typical of the desert) illustrate the loss of a loved one. The rock upon which the lady is sitting is in the shape of a giant egg…with its essence spilled out on the sand. No matter what I did, the rock continued to look like an egg. Suddenly I remembered…The lady in the composition collects stone eggs… how appropriate that she is sitting on a huge egg.
Impact Color: Gray in the mountains and overall tone of the composition.
Placement: Area designated to travel and helpful people.

have an energy of their own. Contained within the paintings are messages that are intended for the growth of the human soul….Messages that come from a source beyond the realm of human consciousness.

Circle of Life
Circle of Life deals with the relationships that a woman has with family and spirituality. From youth to motherhood….from married life to enlightened spirituality….all phases are guided by a special guardian angel….who watches over and blesses the life forms that are created in the womb.
Impact Color: Pink, the color that is found in the center of the womb.
Placement: Area designated for Relationships.

Soul Portraits are another segment of spiritual artwork.

  • Soul portraits are one of a kind Spirit Guided creations which reflect the subject(s)’ essence and philosophy of life.

  • Soul portraits are life transformational tools which offer a unique introspective journey for many years to come.

  • A Soul portrait reaffirms inner strengths and goodness…reveals power and purpose…and provides knowledge and empowerment.

  • Soul portraits bring messages intended to support people to live their lives in a most positive way.

Feng Shui and These Spiritual Paintings belong together.
Humankind is going through another spurt of spiritual awakening and these spiritual paintings are part of that movement. Art, throughout history, has always been an indicator of the times…and in these stressful and troubled times, spirituality is in demand.

Whether you purchase an original painting or a print, commission a soul portrait, custom design a work of art, or participate in transformational art classes at my studio and create a painting of your own, you and/or your client will be empowered.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share my unique artwork with you. I look forward to joining forces with you to make a better tomorrow.

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