Today, people are yearning for meaning, truth, higher goals, ethics and empowerment. 

 It is the objective of Art for the Heart to provide

 a creative, nurturing environment for people who are seeking answers.


        Art for the Heart will provide:

1.   Workshops and lectures on wellness issues

      for the body, mind, and spirit


2.   Hands-on individualized and group instruction in the Creative Arts


3.   Supportive Guidance


4.   The “Gallery on Wheels”


5.   An informative Media Center


6.   Monthly Retreats


7.   Opportunities to explore creativity in a natural “countrified” setting

      with instructors who provide nonjudgmental support and guidance



1.   A commercial facility where works of art from multiple artists and artisans can be displayed and purchased in a home away from home atmosphere


2.   Exhibitions, Fairs, and Concerts




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