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By Ilana Mor    11/97

Busy with our everyday cycle,
Caught up with responsibilities,
Rushing through our days
in a blur of activity,
We rarely stop to reflect
on the goodness of our lives.

Fortune smiles upon us.
We do not know hunger.
We live in homes that provide us
shelter from the elements.
We do not live under
the cruel whims of a dictator.
We have the opportunity to succeed
if we work diligently.
We are able to surround ourselves
with family and friends.
We have a lot of control
over the outcome of our lives.

At the inception of this country,
Overwhelming challenges
faced the pioneers.
Survival of life and limb
were at the top of the list
as these pilgrims
bowed their heads
in thanksgiving.

we do not work the land
for our survival.
Our challenges and struggles
are of a different nature.
But like the pilgrims of old,
it is appropriate
to bow our heads in thanksgiving,
and reflect
on the goodness of our lives.

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