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By Ilana Mor    6/30/01

By Divine Order, man has been given dominion over the earth ...
with harmony and peace the ultimate plan.

A world filled with beauty ...
painted from the master’s pallet
with the colors of the rainbow.

The music of the ages
whispers through the trees
and birds glide effortlessly
through the skies.
All creatures both great and small
celebrate the great gift and miracle of life.

And man…
Man is the greatest creation of all…
made in the image of the Divine…
given superior intelligence
and freedom of choice.

Oh man…
rise to your true noble stature.
Rise above
your state of confusion and disharmony.
Do not destroy the Master’s gifts
and imprison creatures behind bars
to prevent their extinction.
Only a lack of harmony could cause one
to force another into a prison.
Do not pollute and do not destroy.
Do not poison the earth, seas and skies.

Oh man…
you must change your ways!!
Rise above your petty thoughts and deeds.
Embrace the Master’s gifts
with love and joy.
Listen to the sounds of the earth
And join in the harmony of life.

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